Thank You Notes We’ve Received

Before we show examples of who has thanked us for help, we thought it not only fitting but a necessity to thank the men and women who protect and serve on a daily basis. We thank you all for keeping us safe, protected, and loved. Our heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation for all that you do for us.

With deepest gratitude,
The volunteers of AC4C

Please find below sample letters of “thanks” from appreciative recipients of donations from our loving volunteers.  To find out how good it feels for someone to say “thank you” to you, subscribe to All Crafts for Charity today!

I just want to thank you all for the expression of love all of you have in donating clothing for our little babies that have passed on. Our mothers and families appreciate so much seeing and holding their little infants in the lovely blankets and clothes you all have made with your loving, caring hands.

It is so nice to have these clothes to take pictures of the infants, for this is the last memory of this little angel our patients have. It is also such a lovely keepsake for the families to have.

Please know that you all DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel when you render service to others you are blessed two fold. May the Lord bless all of you in your heart felt endeavors.


Julie L. Harney R.N.
Perinatal Loss Co-Chairman
University of Kentucky Birthing Center
800 Rose Street; Lexington, Ky. 40526

From a mother of a preemie –

Everyone Who Participated In The Buddy Project:

Daron and I came home from the Pediatrician today to find not one, but two, packages from (AC4C) at the door waiting for me. My biggest regret was that I didn’t have time to open them until a couple hours later. The baby was hollering for some food and I was late to another appointment. It’s a good thing I didn’t try to peek because if I had, I would have been stuck for a long time and the baby would have starved to death. This stuff is so beautiful. I am completely overwhelmed and don’t know what to say. I’m glad everybody made stuff big because my little guy is growing, growing, growing — he was up to 6 pounds, 12 ounces today at the doctor. I was worried about that but I shouldn’t have been. With the exception of one little cap, everything fits or is a little large for him. That is so cool! I tried to lay everything on the bed to photograph it for the baby book before it was put away. There was so much stuff I think the photo is going to be a bit confusing. I was wondering what the baby would be able to wear to church on Easter but there are several adorable fashions to choose from now. I can’t believe how talented you all are. I mean, I have started sewing myself but my things haven’t come out this good. Practice, I guess. :o) Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient. I have had such a rollercoaster of a ride since my baby came early in January but you know, it hasn’t been all bad. In fact, except for the yucky procedures he has had to endure, it has been pretty good. First of all, he lived. That was enough, all enough, by itself. Second, he has had basically no serious setbacks or health issues — just breezed through the NICU. I suspect that over the years, the memory of the NICU and my fear will fade and I will take for granted that he is just a normal kid like any other. However, I know I will never forget the kindness that God and people like you have shown me. It is incredible how people have rallied behind us and helped out where they can. You see, for the time being I am alone in this. Daron’s daddy is out-of-town for about 6 more months. With the little guy’s needs and demanding schedule I can’t possibly go back to work. I am just now starting to get work at home and it’s starting to even out but those first couple months were very touch and go. I’m used to being *very* independent and this is a whole new road for me to travel. I couldn’t have done all of this without you. That’s really true! I remember when the first little box arrived 2-1/2 months ago when he was still in the hospital. It had a couple of caps and booties, and a couple of blankets, plus fabric and patterns so I could begin sewing myself. The poor baby didn’t have any clothes yet but he still had so many tubes and wires that it didn’t matter. The beautiful blue blanket was draped over his isolette to shield him from the light until he was big enough to have the temperature turned down inside and needed the blanket for warmth. I remember how thankful I was to have the little blue & white striped cap and blue booties to dress him in when he first started coming outside to be held. Now he’s a bigger baby and he has new needs. While 12 weeks old, he is just starting to do the things that a 1 or 2 month old does. Actually, that’s pretty good considering that he STILL isn’t due for 2 more weeks. Anyway, my point is that he is becoming more wakeful and leaving the house more often. He needed pretty outside clothing and those fancy blankets for the stroller. And now he has them because of you ladies. You’re really the best and I hope someday I can contribute in a way that will pass the blessing along. Thank you one more time!

Peace & Blessings,



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