All Crafts for Charity was created in the 1990’s by Shelley McCoy as a way to facilitate volunteering to charitable organizations around the world. We understood the physical barriers of many volunteers and how they were sometimes unable to join in group settings because of their own physical limitations. Making an all-inclusive charitable group was the first step in creating a welcoming environment for ANYONE that wanted to help.

The volunteers of All Crafts for Charity (AC4C) were thrilled with the acceptance and eagerness of hundreds of volunteers representing dozens of charities across the globe. It is no exaggeration that our volunteer base, through these other non-profit organizations, reaches well into the thousands in over a dozen countries.

AC4C has been able to create an environment of charities that are willing to share their knowledge, patterns, and friendship to anyone that wants to help regardless of their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, physical challenge, or creed. You will not find a more open and accepting group of caring and loving individuals anywhere on the Internet!

It is this kind of love and kindness that has made us the most popular online charitable group on the Internet. Simply put, in the words of our volunteers, “Being a part of AC4C is like being in a loving home where all you have to do is ask for help and you receive it.”

All Crafts For Charity has helped thousands of individuals to date and created over 1,000,000 items to go to needy individuals all over the world. Through the coordinated efforts of charities working closely together instead of in competition, we are able to pool our resources, combine our volunteer bases, and help more people than most single charitable entities can in a lifetime.

We do not ask for monetary donations, membership fees, or tithings. We know and understand that your money is best used on your supplies to help others. Likewise, we do not charge for our patterns. Volunteers shouldn’t be charged to help others. The only cost to you is time. In return, you will be helping thousands of people in need – people that are too weak to take care of themselves and people that are too poor to afford the necessities of clothes and basic care items for themselves and their children.

Please join us to make a difference in someone’s life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the first person’s life you make a difference in is your own.

For the Love of Children,

The Volunteers of AC4C

AC4C is proud to be featured in the new release of “Crafter’s Internet Handbook” by Genevieve Crabe, as well as being featured on About.com, Sewing.org, American Sewing Association, Warming Families, and many dozens more sites that are too numerous to list. Thank you all for your continued support and love!


Shelley McCoy

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