All Crafts for Charity

forgetmenotAC4C was created with one thing in mind, helping others through gifts of love.

You can join us on our Yahoo list at :

We have thousands of patterns, lots of ideas, great advice, and a family atmosphere that welcomes all.

Unlike other charities, you will notice that we do not solicit for monetary donations. AC4C has been operating on a ZERO dollar operating budget since it’s inception in the 90s.

We are living proof that charitable entities do not need high operating budgets, paid staff, or fancy offices with expensive equipment. What we do instead is rely on the international community to pool their resources and offer their gifts of time, talent, and love to help others in need.


7 Responses to “All Crafts for Charity”

  1. Helen Barbara Clark Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that when I went to Jo Ann’s today I was able to find mittens for $1.00. I got 8 pairs for Pine Ridge. I already have a big box of some Adult sweaters and some toddler sweaters. Still have more room in box. Helen

  2. Marilyn Furzeland Says:

    Add me 2 your list when moving.

  3. Helen Clark Says:

    Just trying to find the database as I sent a box to Pine Ridge today. Do we still have it? Please let me know so that I can register my box of goodies. Helen Barbara/CA

  4. Shell Says:

    Helen, the databases are kept on the Yahoo Group. Please let me know if you cannot find it. :o)

  5. 初体験 Says:



  6. Darlisa Riggs Says:

    Some time back I was a member of your group but had to leave due to a move and other situations. I had received permission from Caron to post a pattern of theirs on my site for the group to use. I’ve recently started re-organizing the site and the new link for the blanket is located at

    Please feel free to add it to your pattern listing as needed.

  7. lueadams5690 Says:

    Brenton, these are excellent questions. Thanks for sharing them. Click

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